Military Historian Nails it on Civilian Casualties in Gaza War

by Leah Rosenberg

Civilian casualties. The world loves to blame Israel for what they claim is too high a number. But what’s the truth?

Civilian Casualties in Gaza

Does Israel want innocent civilians to die in Gaza? Most definitely not. If they did, this war would go a lot faster, and they wouldn’t go to such great lengths to avoid killing civilians. But yes, of course there will still be civilian casualties. Hamas is fighting a war and hiding within the civilian population! Any and all deaths are purely the fault of Hamas who started this war. There would be no war if Hamas and the people in Gaza wanted to live peacefully alongside Israel. But tragically, as we have seen, they most definitely don’t want peace.

But the thing is, not only is Israel doing everything to avoid killing those who might be innocent, as pointed out by Andrew Roberts, the ratio of civilians to Hamas terrorists killed is extremely low. The world only cares because Israel is involved. But no country would do any better. In fact, most countries would probably do far worse in the ratio game.

Give Israel a break. Look at the facts. If you are a decent person, stop blaming the one and only Jewish state. Stop calling for a ceasefire and start calling for Hamas to return every hostage that it has tortured for the last 4+ months. Stop telling Israel to put down its weapons and start telling Hamas to surrender. The truth is staring you right in the face. Will you continue to turn a blind eye?

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