This Video Brings Proof that the Bible is Historically True

by Leah Rosenberg

How can you deny that the Bible is historically correct? Look at all the tangible evidence that has been uncovered! It’s remarkable.

The Bible is Historically True

A lot of the world wants to know that the Bible is historically true. Well, it is. King David is real. Jewish history is real. There is so much evidence and archaeology nowadays that it is much harder to disprove than to prove that the Bible is historically accurate.

Can you really deny Jewish history in the land of Israel? It all matches up!

For some reason, no one is asking the “Palestinians” to prove their history. And the truth is, they can’t. Because they don’t have history. And yet, the Jewish people and the Jewish state are always being questioned. The UN questions them. Professors and students deny their legitimacy. What other country and nation are put under so much scrutiny?

There is so much proof of the Jewish people living in the Jewish state for thousands of years. And there is still so much denial from the world. It is mind-boggling.

The Jewish people will not be discouraged. They will not leave their ancient homeland just because the world is blind to the truth. They will just continue to teach the world about the Bible, the Jewish people, history, and the Jewish homeland.

At the end of the day, the truth will prevail. No one will be able to deny G-d and the Jewish people. Until then, it is our duty to continue fighting for the Bible and everything the Bible stands for.

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