This Jerusalem Tour is One the Palestinian Arabs Don’t Want You to See

by Leah Rosenberg

A Jerusalem tour like this further proves the Jewish connection to Jerusalem. If you look at the facts, you can’t deny the truth.

A Jerusalem Tour

It is always interesting to learn about different things during a tour. But when it is a Jerusalem tour that takes you on a journey and teaches you history from thousands of years ago that you can still touch and see today – that’s another level. This is not just some fun tour. This is a tour of truth!

How amazing is it to have such archaeology and history revealed right before our eyes? How remarkable is it to walk in the same path as those that came before us? To see the same things that they saw?

G-d made it that all of this archaeology was perserved for so long. It is miraculous! When the world tries to rob the Jews of their connection to Jerusalem and Israel, it is laughable. It is foolish. It is just plain ignorant. You can’t possibly know history and see the archaeology in Israel and then deny the Jewish people their right to the Jewish homeland. It’s so obvious! This video is just a tiny glimpse at the massive amount of archaeology discovered over the years.

The next time you walk in the City of David and in Jerusalem, just know that you are walking through history. You are walking on a journey of truth. And it could just be that below your feet, there is an ancient truth waiting to be dug up.

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