This Biden Blunder Left Even the Press Secretary Speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

President Biden is not on top of which Congressmen and Congresswomen are alive and who are not. He struggles with these kinds of “details.” It’s really not anything new – just par for the course for the Old Age Home turned White House.

The excuses that will be given in the future for the irresponsible placement of so much power in a person’s hands who is so clearly cognitively impaired, will be feeble. They will say that Biden was not really running the country alone. They will say that he had so much experience in Congress that he was even able to do things while only at 80% of his full capacity.

But the truth is that the world is dangerously close to World War III because of the weakness of the United States. There is an outside chance that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will turn into a battle between NATO and Russia – whether we want it to or not.

There is a chance that China will invade Taiwan, although that is more doubtful.

The key matter is that the dangerous actors are emboldened when the United States is weak. That is the situation today, and it will not change until somebody else takes over. The Democrat’s problem is that they don’t have any real alternatives. Kamala Harris may be even worse. But at least she has her faculties, and that may scare off someone. The mid-term elections are the first part. But in 2024, the United States urgently needs competent leadership.

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