Was King David’s Private Alter Discovered in Ancient Jerusalem?

by Leah Rosenberg

What a mystery! Ancient Jerusalem is filled with mysteries. It is filled with archaeology. You have got to check this out!

Another discovery in Ancient Jerusalem

How can you not be fascinated by this? The history is so real! We are talking about places from thousands of years ago! There is no way to make this stuff up. New discoveries keep happening. More from the past keeps being revealed. A connection between Israel and the Jewish people? Yes! Can anyone honestly deny that? The proof is in the stones. It’s in the ground. It’s literally in the dirt. In Israel, the dirt has more meaning than anywhere else in the world. The dirt in Israel is filled with treasures! It is filled with truth.

If the mainstream media wants to share the truth about Israel, these are the type of stories they should be sharing. Because these are the types of stories that show the ancient connection between Israel and the Jews. There is no question that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews.

Do you see “Palestinians” making discoveries like this one? No. Because they don’t have history in the land of Israel! They are an invented people. Only the Jews have archaeology like this from thousands of years ago. When will the world admit that? When will they stop claiming that the Jews should give land to the “Palestinians?” It is completely irrational.

Let’s wait for the day where more people are sharing the truth about Israel; where people are willing to admit the long history of the Jews in the JEWISH homeland.

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