This musician is bringing a new sound to Jewish music

by Leah Rosenberg

It is always nice to hear a fresh new sound to Jewish music! This musician sings a beautiful tune for the song that brings in the Shabbat. Don’t miss it!

The New Sound to Jewish Music

Getting ready for Shabbat by sundown can be overwhelming and stressful. There are groceries to be bought, food to be cooked, things to be cleaned, and it seems like the time just runs out. But when you prepare for Shabbat with Eliyahu Chait, it can make all the preparations easier! He is the son of a famous legendary composer named R’ Baruch Chait. After listening to this, you can assume he is making his father proud.

Music makes things better. It can give a positive feeling to any situation. And that pre-Shabbat atmosphere can definitely use some good Jewish music!

The “Shuk”

The “Shuk” or Machane Yehuda Market, is the location of the music video. If you have never been to the shuk on a Friday, it is definitely an experience to have! People fill the market and allies trying to get everything they need for Shabbat. Fresh fruits and produce everywhere. Butchers. Bakeries. Everything you need in one stop!

Lecha Dodi

Lecha Dodi is the song that Eliyahu Chait sings in this video. It is a beautiful song that welcomes the Shabbat in on Friday night. It was written by the Kabbalist Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz. Here are the lyrics to the chorus and the last stanza, which is a famous stanza. (Lyrics courtesy of

Chorus: Come out my Beloved, the Bride to meet; The inner light of Shabbat, let us greet.

Last stanza: Come in peace, her Husband’s crown of pride. With song (on Festivals: rejoicing) and good cheer. Among the faithful of the people so dear Enter O Bride, enter O Bride;

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