Jews in Paris receive letters telling them to leave or be killed

by Leah Rosenberg

It is shocking that Jews in Paris need to fear being killed. How can this be happening in 2019? Why is antisemitism still so present in the world?

Jews in Paris Open Up

This video is an informal interview with a Jew in Paris who has received a letter asking him and his family to leave or else they will be killed. Listen to the way he warns the world of the similarities with Nazi Germany. Not everything happened at once in Nazi Germany. The antisemitism took place over a period of time. And it is frightening that today we are seeing some of the most antisemitic incidences take place. We cannot wait for things to get worse before we do something about it. And what is so crazy is that the police say they cannot help protect these Jews in Paris!

The Nazis Lost, But the Jews Remain

Did the anti-Semites not learn history? Did they not learn that the Nazis lost? And yet the Jews are still here. Not only are they here, but they are thriving. They have their own country. Their own army. And technology that leads the world.

The Jewish people are proudly still standing. And they are not going anywhere.

Arab Incitement
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