This Man is Giving Hamas Everything They Want

by Leah Rosenberg

Antonio Guterres should be completely and utterly ashamed of himself. Under his leadership, the UN is failing in every way.

Antonio Guterres – Get a New Job

The United Nations may not be the easiest organization to run. But there is no excuse for siding with terrorists. There is never an excuse to be so immoral as to justify the Oct. 7 massacre that Hamas and Gazan civilians carried out against the Jewish people and the state of Israel. And yet, the secretary general of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has done just that. He justifies terrorism. He equates the democracy of Israel with the murderous terror group of Hamas. Actually, he puts Israel lower than the terror group. And then he holds a moment of silence for the vicious president of Iran who was murdered in a helicopter crash. You would think this must be a parody! This must be some joke.

And it’s not.

This is the reality. The UN is a place where terrorists are lauded as heroes and where moral countries like Israel are deemed terrorists. No words begin to describe the insanity of this. But one thing is for sure: Antonio Guterres should get a new job. He is most definitely not fit to bring the UN to a moral place.

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