Douglas Murray Won the Case for Israel in Just 3 Minutes

by Phil Schneider

It’s very simple. Israel doesn’t start wars. Israel defends it’s citizenry. Israel did not start the war on October 7th. Israel has been fighting for it’s existence from even before it was created 76 years ago. Nothing has changed today.  

But Douglas Murray’s analogy of somebody claiming that they would like to abolish Pakistan, but don’t have any problem with the Pakistani people is a brilliant takedown of the antisemitic claim that they have no problem with the Jewish people – only with the State of Israel.

The lies that the anti-Jewish haters spew are so obviously a reflection of age-old Jewish hatred. The only change is that today the Jewish people are not accused of being corrupt bankers or power-hungry communists or fascists. Today, the Jewish people are accused as a collective of being human-rights abusers through colonialism of the State of Israel.

Well, there is some truth to the claim that within the State of Israel there exists abuse of human rights by colonialists. It exists among the Arab population who persist on claiming that Jewish Land in the State of Israel is historically theirs. It exists among Arab squatters who illegally occupy Land without permits and steal Jewish Land, and then cry foul when they are accused of land theft. Israel should stop allowing this.

But the main issue in Israel is not colonialism of the Arab people in the State of Israel. It is terrorism of the Arab people in and around the State of Israel. Every young person who supports the Arab side in the battle of the State of Israel supports rapists, supports kidnapping of grandmothers, throwing gay people off of roofs, and hostage taking of innocent civilians. That accusation must be repeated over and over again. The seemingly intelligent woke generation may close their ears to dialogue. Then, let them see it in print, in memes on TikTok and Instagram, and wherever they are focused. 

The truth will win out in the end. Douglas Murray is one of the superstars fighting for the truth today.     

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