This Jewish singer used Coldplay to create something remarkable

by Chaya Cikk

Whilst the tune is familiar from a Coldplay song the words are from Adon Olam. A song that is sung at the beginning of prayer in the Synagogue. Also sung at the end of the service on Shabbat.

Adon Olam

Adon Olam is a beautiful song, there are so many different ways to sing it. It is a well-known song, sung by many from across the Globe in many Jewish communities. A song that is well known.

Adon Olam is sung at the beginning of morning prayers in the Synagogue. The song talks about how God is the creator, He is the king. Adon Olam is also sung by many as part of the Shema prayers before going to bed at night. This is a nice way of bracketing our day with a reminder that there is always a greater being than us. He is always looking out for us, watching over us.

The Creator

The Creator, the eternal master, master of the universe, this refers to God. Who created everything. Without the Creator, there would be nothing here. He created, creates and will continue to create.

The Lyrics

Eternal master, who reigned supreme,
Before all of creation was drawn;
When it was finished according to his will,
Then “King” his name was proclaimed to be
When this our world shall be no more,
In majesty, he still shall reign,
And he was, and he is
And he will be in glory.
Alone is he, there is no second,
Without division or ally;
Without beginning, without end,
To him are the power and sovereignty
He is my God, my living Redeemer
Rock of my affliction in time of trouble
He is my banner and refuge
Filling my cup the day I call
Into his hand, I commit my spirit
When I sleep, and I awake
And with my spirit, my body
The Lord is with me, I will not fear

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