Hundreds of Muslim Men Violently Attack Families with Women & Children at Peaceful Political Rally in Britain

by Avi Abelow

An utter disgrace. We are witnessing the self-destruction of Western civilization, no less. Not only are the authorities allowing the Muslims to protest violently at this rally, they also go to great lengths to hide the fact that the violence is coming from a group of Muslims.

Without the ability to identify the source of the growing violence in Britain, the authorities will never be able to stop it. No, not all Muslims are the problem, but the problem is within the Muslim community, and that can not be ignored. Those who scream “Islamophobia” are part of the problem, silencing all criticism of the problems within the Muslim community that endanger even their own.

As you see clearly in the video, women and children were attacked at a peaceful political rally for Tommy Robinson in Oldham, Britain. The police let it happen, as you see in the video footage, and the British media made it out to seem that Tommy Robinson was to blame, which you will see is a total lie from all the video footage of the event.

Whatever one thinks of Tommy Robinson based on the media alone, stop. Don’t believe what you read or see in the media. This story should be making headline news about the horrendous violence by the Muslim Defence League in Britain, but it isn’t. The British media coverage even points Robinson as the one to blame, even though it was a peaceful rally in a location with little to no Muslim population. They came from afar to violently protest.

Watch as the Police in Oldham do NOTHING!!!

Statement from Manchester Police

After seeing the video footage of the police escorting the massive group of Muslim protesters and after watching the footage of the police taking no action against their violence, when they threw bricks at the peaceful families, men, women and children, now read the official Manchester police statement. Proof of the complete capitulation of British authorities to the violence and terror of the Muslim mob in Britain. They don’t call out the Muslim rioters as the ones who caused the trouble and they don’t even call them Muslims!

The police just focus on “free speach” and “hate”. Sorry, this is not about free speech or hate, this about a violent mob that the British authorities are doing nothing to stop. This problem will only continue to grow in Britain and the West, until they identify the source of the violence, the growth of Jihadi/Sharia Muslim population, that also endangers those Muslims who want to live peacefully.

This is exactly what Tommy Robinson has been talking about for years, that the British authorities and police have been covering up. If Western countries do not wake up fast, this will be the new reality across the West as the Jihadi/Shari Muslims are emboldened to continue their terror and violent ways.


“Police Superintendent Danny Inglis of GMP’s Oldham District, said: “While we work through the evidence that’s available to us from the disturbance last night, it’s important that we keep you informed, and some of that is clearing up any rumours.

“There have been a lot of messages and questions both in the community and on social media about why we allowed the event itself to take place.

“It’s really important to understand that people have the opportunity to exercise their right to protest and to counter-protest. This is in line with everyone’s right to free speech and we do not have any powers to stop this from happening. It is a fundamental human right.

“When we say free speech however, we certainly do not mean speech or actions that are full of hate. Hate will never, ever be tolerated, not only in Oldham, but in the whole of Greater Manchester and we will seek out those who think that this is acceptable and hold them to account.

“As part of our policing operation last night, officers engaged with a group intent on going to Limeside. In line with our duty to minimise disruption to the local area as much as possible, officers walked with the group and sought to reduce any problems on the route they took.

“There were also reports of stabbings and gunshots but I’m glad to say that these were false reports. Understandably, the sound of fireworks could have been misinterpreted and I assure you that those who believe it to be acceptable to throw fireworks can also expect to be investigated by the dedicated team of detectives who will be working on the case.

“Intelligence suggests that some of those travelled a significant distance to Oldham yesterday and came with their own agendas, not to support any protest. We will trace those responsible for the disturbance and use all available powers to do so.

“I must be clear that these people are not a representation of the people of Oldham. Today, local residents have selflessly cleaned their streets and the surrounding areas, which I not only want to thank them for but think it sends a clear message to those who had no regard for the harm or mess they were causing, that you are not welcome.

“With our partners, we will stand right there next to you and take a stand against people who think causing this type of chaos is acceptable and I’d like to thank you for your support as we continue responding to this.”

Tommy Robinson

Regarding Tommy Robinson, he is not a racist, antisemite or Israel hater. Robinson has visited Israel, works with many proud Jews, of all colors, and is a strong voice against the danger within the Muslim world, that is a danger to us all. For more on this watch this.

Dr. Risch

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