Independent letter to Jews in the North West of England: Vote for Tommy Robinson

by Brian of London

The following was passed on to Israel Unwired from some non-affiliated supporters of Tommy Robinson in the UK who independently financed a mail shot of the following message to 3000 Orthodox Jewish homes in Manchester, the largest city in the North West region of the UK where Tommy Robinson is standing for MEP.

A personal message from the heart to our fellow Orthodox Jews                        ב”ה

In times of danger, we need a real good friend


Standing up for real Truth & Justice in England – and a staunch friend of our people

Please open your hearts and consider giving your vote to Tommy Robinson in Thursday’s European elections. Tommy is an independent, fearless fighter for a sane, decent, honest, traditional-values society, and justice for victims of terrible crimes, callously ignored through “political correctness” – yes, that same insane “political correctness” undermining our community’s values!

We all know that in the last few years England has become unrecognisable from the decent country we grew up in. Who among us has not reacted in horror as each month brings new levels of moral decline and self-destruction in the name of “diversity” and “human rights” ?

For how long will we wring our hands helplessly, our activists trying to do their best, while the country carries on this awful march to the worst places, led by foolish, corrupt, “educated” leaders ?

Let’s hear the cry from the heart of the poor, working-class English people – these are the innocent children and families of this country to which we owe so much – who are also suffering, exploited, their country despoiled around them, and who mostly have the basic decent values we grew up with.

‘ודרשו…שלו’ם העיר וכו – “seek the welfare of the place where I’ve exiled you” (Jeremiah 29)

Can anyone with a shred of אמת (honesty) think that by continuing to vote for those same “enlightened” people in charge who have …

  • launched sickening attacks on the purity of our beautiful children’s חינוך (education)
  • enabled out-of-control immigration from violent backgrounds (millions upon millions!)
  • covered up the resulting unspeakable crimes against vulnerable English children

… that this is in any way being דורש שלו’ם העיר (seeking the welfare of the country)

Tommy Robinson has been a staunch, positive friend to the Jewish people, standing up for us many times, both here and in Eretz Yisroel. He puts himself in personal danger, against the real threats facing us – we need to support him. Many Jewish people are going to VOTE TOMMY – join us!

Of course, the official media hates him & lies about him day & night – remember, it’s the same media which pumps out hate and lies about Israel, religious values, our schools & institutions … we all know what their poisonous opinions & “Fake News” are worth.

Remember – in the voting booth there is only you and Hashem (G-d). You don’t have to listen to the anti-Torah “Jewish” Newspapers, their “Rabbis” and their “leaders”. Please do the difficult thing. Be part of the fightback. Do something brave that you’ll be really proud of.

Let’s do the right thing for ourselves – and for the country to which we owe so much.

Your vote makes a BIG difference – send them a message they’ll never forget

Printed & promoted by M. Rowe, M. Baron & A. Horrow of 105 Eade Rd, London, in a personal capacity.  Enquiries: [email protected]

Dr. Risch

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