If you think Israel doesn’t have the guts to bomb Iran, then you gotta watch this

by Phil Schneider

Their are various reasons why it is absolutely vital for the Jewish people to have a State of Israel. Of course, the Jewish people have always prayed to go back to their homeland and return to their indigenous land. In addition, the full Jewish life can only be lived in the locations where all of the prophecies refer to. However, there is a much more clear reason for the Jewish people to have a State. It is called – The Israel Defense Forces. There is no greater historical advance for the safety of the entire Jewish people than the creation of the Israeli Army.

Army of the Entire Jewish People

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the State of Israel is a great haven for the Jewish people and the Israeli Army exists to defend it. But, in truth, the State of Israel is so much more than just a haven and the Israeli Army is actually there to help defend and rescue Jewish people all over the world. This has been the case since the pre-State of Israel period too.

1945 – 1948

Following the end of the Holocaust, in May 1945, the European continent had hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees with absolutely nowhere to go. All of their homes had been taken and looted. No government wanted them, and most of them thought about building their future elsewhere. Meanwhile, the emerging State of Israel was picking up steam. The larger Hagana and the smaller Irgun Tzvai Leumi forces were two military organizations in pre-State Israel. Each proved critical before and right after the formation of the State. They did not just operate in the Middle East. They were active in Europe, the United States, and anywhere where they could attain money or leftover weapons from World War II. But the most fascinating military unit of the time was the Jewish Brigade. They were originally set up to serve with the British forces in Europe against the Nazis. But once the war ended, they did not disband. Instead they were placed in areas around borders of countries such as Italy and Vienna. That turned into a perfect opportunity for them to smuggle Jews from Europe via port cities into the pre-State of Israel area against the wishes of the British. So, they did not just fight and do guard duty. They smuggled Jewish refugees to safety too. Ultimately, the Jewish Brigade and Irgun Tzvai Leumi members were incorporated into the newly created Israel Defense Forces in 1948-1949. Together, they guarded borders and defended against attack and gradually built up the Army.

Post 1948

On many occasions, the Israel Defense Forces were called in to help rescue the Jewish people outside of the State of Israel. Jews in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt were in danger at different times. The Israeli authorities with help from the Army always did whatever they could to rescue these refugees.

But the most daring successful attempts to save the Jewish people beyond the borders of the State of Israel were in 1976, 1981, and 1984. In 1976, Israel sent it’s commandos down to Uganda to rescue a planeload of Jews who were hijacked. In 1981, Israel attacked and destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor before it would pose a threat to the State of Israel. And in 1984, Israel flew plane after plane to save Ethiopian Jews from unrest and harm.

The Jewish people are now in a much better situation than at any other time in the last 3,000 years – and this is due to the Israel Defense Forces. Whenever the State of Israel has a threat to it’s very existence, Israel will not hesitate to respond.

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