New York Rep. slams Democratic leadership for refusing to fight antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

We must fight antisemitism wherever it is. Even if it’s within our own government. The Democratic leadership is overdue in condemning certain people…

Democratic Leadership

Many Democrats are pro-Israel and not even slightly antisemitic. And some have spoken out against the horrific actions and rhetoric of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. But the Democratic leadership as a whole has done nothing. They have not shown the Jewish people that they stand by them and won’t tolerate antisemitism. Tlaib, Omar, and their leaders have not apologized. Not only that, but people defend them and ask OTHERS to apologize to them. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has done just that. How absurd! If I offend and wrong another person, and I am condemned for that, those who condemn me should not need to apologize. We are trying to bring more good to the world, not more evil!

An Apology – but not to Democrats

Lee Zeldin has been asked to apologize for criticizing the antisemitism in the Democratic party. And he does decide to publicly apologize – but not to the antisemites. He apologizes to the Jewish people and to everyone offended. He apologizes to the Jewish people for Congress’s inability to act and properly condemn antisemitism.

Zeldin’s speech is honest, clear, and right on point. Why can’t the world see the truth? Are they blind? Or are they afraid to be called Islamophobic? There are no excuses. And it is time that the world made an apology (and more) – to the people who actually deserve it.

Dr. Risch

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