This is why the Jewish people will never be defeated

by Leah Rosenberg

Whether in tragedy or in happiness there is nothing like the unity of the Jewish People. They come together through thick and thin, their unity has helped hold them together for generations in the past and generations to come.

The Jewish People have been around since the beginning, they have had many enemies who have tried to defeat them. From the Egyptians in the time of the slavery, the Persians, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Nazis and many more. They have been expelled from countries like Spain or Britain. They have not been a liked nation, many people feel they control the media, the business world, politics of the world. Since declaring the State of Israel the hatred can be felt more.

Through the tragedy of the events of the past, such as the destruction of the Temple 1 and 2. Through to the Holocaust, through the wars Israel has suffered, to the abducting of the three teenage boys, Eyal, Gilad and Naftali in 2014. With every terror attack the Jewish People are brought together to say Psalms and pray for those wounded. The Jewish People came out in their thousands when the three teenage boys were buried.

The Western Wall, a place where the Jewish People are brought together. This is the last remaining wall of the Temple that once stood on Temple Mount. In Hebrew it is called Har Habayit, Bayit in Hebrew means home, this is the home of the Jewish People. The Jewish People have a great connection to this place, the Temple was the House of God. People feel this is the closest you can be with God. When the Jewish People pray, we pray towards the Western Wall.

The soldiers of the Israeli Army, the people that help protect us, singing and dancing in front of the Western Wall. The unity that they brought together shows that we have faith in God and we, with His help will not be defeated. Many of our enemies are not around anymore, the Romans, the Persians? the Greeks? the Babylonians? Where are they all? It is the Jewish People who are here and will always be here.

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