Pro-Palestinian Arab protesters disrupt Israeli panel at UC Irvine

by Leah Rosenberg

There are Jews and Arabs who live across the World. Each religion or nation speaks out for what they believe.

Israel is a Jewish State, that has many Arab neighbors. Neighbors that wish the State did not exist. However, there are many Jews and Arabs that not only reside in these states but all over the world. Many reside in the United States, where there is a freedom of speech. People, no matter how they feel on politics, religion they have the freedom to protest, print in newspapers. People have the right to speak freely.

Not every one has the same opinion. People are different, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people however, try to make sure other people hear their opinions. To try and make sure their opinion is heard, specially by the government people hold protests. At Universities college students also hold protests, or panels and have speakers come talk to students to shape their minds.

Due to the media, many people have a bad opinion of the State of Israel and the Jewish People. Many people believe the Jews control the media, the business world, and even the government. In order to show that Israel or the Jews aren’t as bad as the media makes them out to be, Jews around the world try and share their knowledge and show what good things Israel has been doing to help people around the world.

Many people when they hear about a Protest happening in favor of Israel there is another protest down the street happening against Israel, in favor of Palestine. Israel should free the Arabs and end the occupation. In order to really speak out against Israel, one needs to know the truth about what is happening there. How the Arabs in Gaza are shooting rockets daily at southern cities in Israel. Arab citizens in Israel have the right to walk freely, they can vote, attend universities and more. Many Arabs have nice houses, either in Gaza or Ramallah or other big Arab cities in Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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