Jewish Zionist leader destroys the myth that Jerusalem is holy to Muslims

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem, the city known to be important for Jews, Christians and Muslims. But how true is this? How do so many religions have such a connection to one city?

Age-Old Capital

Jerusalem, a beautiful city that to many is the capital of Israel. It is the city where the government resides. King David declared the capital of Israel Jerusalem, many years ago. It is where King Solomon built the Temple, the house of God. The Jewish People when they pray, pray towards Jerusalem, not any other city but Jerusalem. There have always been Jews residing in Jerusalem. Always in Jerusalem, the population has been majority Jews, not Muslims.

When the Arabs conquered Palestine in 1716 they did not make the capital Jerusalem. The Arabs, in fact, destroyed most of the Old City in Jerusalem when it was under their control, destroyed many Synagogues. The Arabs were building things in Aman, Jordan, not in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has many different names and is mentioned in the Bible many times. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran. It is known that Mohammed had a dream where he went up to heaven from Jerusalem, but this was just that a dream he had. He wasn’t actually in Jerusalem. Mohammed believed he was the last prophet of the Judaic – Christian Religions. Jerusalems significance and holiness to Muslims derive from its strong association with Abraham and Jesus, who are all regarded as prophets of Islam.

The settlements that are in Judea and Samaria are not stopping the peace, there is no occupation that is stopping the peace. The violent neighbors of the Jewish State of Israel are helping to stop the peace. Israel suffers from rockets into its southern cities, stabbings daily, car ramming attacks. Yet, people living in Judea and Samaria are stopping the peace, can someone explain how that works?

The Jewish People have suffered through many tragedies, yet are still here, still standing. The Jews are an eternal people, they are not going anywhere. Their enemies seem to vanish, where are the Babylonians? the Romans? the Greeks? the Nazis? God promised to Abraham that the Jews would be an eternal nation and multiply like the sand and the stars. Gd keeps His promises.

First Fruits Blood Libel
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