The real story of ‘Nakba Day’ that the Palestinian Arabs are hiding

by Leah Rosenberg

The Palestinian Arabs have this myth about about how Israel chased them away and made them refugees. What really happened? Nakba Day is not what you think.

The Myth of the Palestinian Arabs

This video perfectly explains what you need to know about the myth of Nakba Day. The day that Israel became an official state in modern times is known as a tragedy, a catastrophe, in the Arab world. “Nakba.” The Palestinian Arabs blame the Jews for being expelled from their homes. But what actually happened is that 1) The Arabs attacked the Jews – the Jews were on the defensive end. They wanted to annihilate the Jews. 2) The Arabs left their homes without the Jews even attacking. They fled because their leaders told them they would be able to come back and take over Jewish property as well. 3) Actually, the Jews did not expel the Arabs, but rather the Arabs expelled and forced 900,000 Jews to leave their homes in Arab lands after Israel declared independence. And 4) The Palestinian Arabs lost the war after the Jewish people protected themselves from annihilation.

These are just some basic facts you need to know.

But They Still Blame Israel

The Arab world and sadly, much of the Western world, still blames Israel for the troubles of the Palestinian Arabs. The reason there are still “refugees” is because their leaders make them refugees so that the world will blame Israel. How is it possible that the next generation is still considered a generation of refugees? And it was their own fault to begin with! Israel gives Arabs rights in the land of Israel, being that they don’t try to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Does the world just ignore all the facts and truths about the entire Arab-Israeli conflict? There really does not have to be any conflict at all…


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