At least One Muslim is Telling the Truth…

by Phil Schneider

There are many radicals who hide their opinions. But in this CNN interview, Imam Choudary makes it clear that Muslims believe that Shariah Law will dominate the world and especially in the Land of Israel. He believes that justice for mankind is what he wants to “invite” everyone out of their “oppression” from man-made law, and would like to shine the light of Islam onto us.

Imam Choudary communicates his ideas with people in the United States and believes that what he does is decent and liberating for the entire world.

Shariah Law

Living a life that includes Jihad against non-Muslims and aspiring to create a world based on Shariah Law is what the bulk of Muslims are looking to impose on us. This is a religious obligation of religious Muslims according to this Sheikh.

This religious leader does not hide his genuine opinions behind any smokescreens. The Imam deserves to be arrested and prosecuted based on this interview – but the main thing is that we get a glimpse of what so many truly think yet are not willing to say out in public. The world is becoming more dangerous every day.

Whenever someone says that our problem is not with Muslims, but with radical Muslims, well, what exactly does that mean? Is a non-radical Muslim someone who does not believe in Shariah Law spreading to the masses? Unfortunately, these viewpoints are much more mainstream in many Muslim communities than we would like to believe. And even more importantly, the radical viewpoints are the dominant ones today in so many places. So, either we keep these kinds of elements out of our borders, or else, we are basically asking for trouble down the road – and not in the distant future.

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