Islam is Conquering New Zealand without a Fight

by Avi Abelow

Thousands of New Zealanders of all faiths joined together in worship during a national broadcast of the Muslim Call to Prayer on Friday. This was a response to the tragedy of the attack on two Mosques that killed 50 people last week. It seems like an innocent act of unity by New Zealanders, but to Islam it is anything but. This is a step towards Islamizing New Zealand, and they know it. The only ones who don’t know it are the masses of non-Muslim New Zealanders. Yes, the Christchurch massacre was a horrible tragedy, but this is the wrong response.

Different Rules for Islam

Did you ever see this type of unity by a society for the multitude of massacres that Muslims have perpetrated against Christians and Jews? A whole society joining in a religious prayer? Even in public places like a mall?

Thousands of Christians have been massacred by Muslims in recent years, even just last week, across the Middle East and Africa. Have we seen anyone identifying with the dead Christians by joining in Christian prayers and rituals? Jews have been the target of multiple terror attacks, not just in Israel, but abroad. Have we seen any outpouring of unity identifying with the rituals and prayer of Judaism? Has anyone focused on how the Jews, Christians, Yazidis and other minorities are constantly massacred by Muslims? No, there hasn’t been. Yet, how come, there is a different rule of response to a tragedy that effects Muslims? The world media outlets and leaders are virtually silent when it comes to all other tragedies, especially when perpetrated by Muslims, except when a non-Muslim attacks Muslims. Everyone should be worried about this double standard.

But this response by New Zealand to this attack is so much worse than just that. This is an absolute disgrace. A society can be sad about a horrible tragedy, like the one that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, New Zealanders joining Muslim prayers in public places, with New Zealand women donning headscarves on masse, is a whole other level of crazy. Putting aside the tragedy at the Mosques, a large percentage of Islam and sharia law is about taking over the world and subjugating all non-Muslims to Islam. Symbolism is everything to Islam. Having the Muslim prayer publicized to all of New Zealand with New Zealand women donning the Muslim headscarves is a huge symbolic victory for Islam.

New Zealanders are totally blind as to the true goal of the mass Muslim migration to their country and how to this act of joining Muslim ritual will impact the further Islamization of their country.

It Gets Worse

Even New Zealand’s Prime Minister put on the Muslim Hijab head covering while praising the Muslim “prophet” Mohammad & identifying her nation with Islam. The Prime Minister ordered the national broadcast of the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, on Friday across TV and radio. There was no escaping the Islamic Adhan across New Zealand.

For those people who are upset about this article and instead complain that that I “don’t know the New Zealand people”, please know that this is not against the New Zealand people, this is about waking people up to the evil that exists in the jihadi/sharia Muslim world. Because I can’t be silent while the freedom loving world continues to ignore the spread of that evil in their own societies, to eventually subjugate and destroy them. Just read the post below, he says it best.

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