The response to the New Zealand Massacre that every American needs to hear

by Leah Rosenberg

The New Zealand Massacre is the worst New Zealand has seen in its history. Why has the media changed the story to further its own political agenda?

New Zealand Massacre

It is just tragic. A terrorist entered two mosques in New Zealand and murdered innocent people for absolutely no reason. 50 lives were taken and dozens of people were injured. The families of the victims will have to live without their loved ones. It is so heartbreaking.

And who is the media blaming?

The Media Blames Conservatives

The media took this tragedy and used it to blame the Right. They said the shooter was a conservative, but he was not. They pretended the terrorist was a Right-wing fanatic, but he is not. In his OWN manifesto, he says what he is: an eco-fascist. He specifically says that he is not a Conservative. Read the own murderer’s words!

But do you hear about this on the mainstream media? Of course not. The mainstream media is spreading rumors about this shooting like they have done in the past. And it is frightening because so many people listen to them. The media misused a tragedy. And they have failed America, Americans, and the world yet again.

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