Jews share inspiring tune on an airplane after trip to Poland

by Leah Rosenberg

Taking a trip to Poland to visit the concentration camps and horrors of the Holocaust is intense. And everyone finds different ways to cope moving forward.

Trip to Poland

Many Jews will take a trip to Poland to see the concentration camps and learn about what happened during the Holocaust. They learn details and see the places where their grandparents and great grandparents were tortured and murdered not so long ago. Whether someone actually had a family member who lived through the Holocaust or not, anyone can feel the loss. It is all too real. It seems too horrific to be true, yet all the proof is still there. The survivors are still alive to tell their stories, although sadly, in another few years they won’t be. And so we need to keep visiting and keep sharing the stories. We need to keep their memories and the memories of the Holocaust alive. Very alive. Because if we don’t, who will?

Using Music to Move Forward

This video of Jews singing a “niggun” or a tune on an airplane was taken on a plane back from Poland. After visiting the death camps, these people found this tune to be reenergizing. They used this tune to inspire themselves going forward after seeing proof of the Holocaust with their own eyes.

Music can have the power to really create positivity in a person’s life. It helps speak for emotions when words will not do justice. And that is what this group used this tune for. The tune was composed by famous Jewish singer Eitan Katz and is definitely one you won’t be able to stop listening to!

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