A Māori Samoan in New Zealand proves why Israel boycotters are wrong

by Leah Rosenberg

A Māori Samoan from New Zealand proves why Israel Boycotters are wrong. The facts that they are providing aren’t right and some countries have started to ban them.

BDS, the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement is a campaign promoting in various forms to boycott against the State of Israel. BDS wants Israel to withdraw from the occupation territories under International Law, it wants the removal of the barrier in the West Bank, to give equality to the Arab Palestinian Citizens and respecting and promoting and protecting the rights of the Palestinian Refugees to return to their homes and properties.

In November 1947 the UN partitioned a resolution that would divide up the land into a two-state solution. With Jerusalem as a separate entity, governed by a special international body. Up until now, the area had been governed by Britain, known as the British Mandate. When this resolution was proposed the Jewish People accepted it, delighted that after years of oppression, persecution the Jewish People would finally have their own state, a place to call home. However, the Arabs felt different and rejected the idea of a two-state solution. There have been other proposals for a two-state solution but the Arabs have rejected them.

In May 1948 David Ben Gurion declared the Jewish State of Israel. Israel did not attack any of its neighbors but the neighbors attacked Israel. The government at the time, decided there was a need for a Jewish State, after the persecution the Jews suffered in the Holocaust, they needed a place they could call home. The Independence war was Israel against all of its neighbors, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan etc. Since being established Israel has suffered many wars with its neighbors.

Arabs who live where Israel has sovereignty have been granted citizenship. They have the right to vote in Israel, the right to attend universities, they can walk freely in our supermarkets and shopping centers. Some Arabs didn’t stay after the War of Independence in 1948 and went to live in surrounding countries.

Have you ever heard of BDS promoting various forms of boycotting against any other country? No? Didn’t think so! The BDS movement seem to be promoting hate against Israel. They need to get their facts together first before promoting anything.

BDS has been demonstrating in places such as Universities. University where peoples minds are challenged and opinions made. They are constantly posting on social media and spreading the lies about Israel not being an apartheid state.

The fact that the BDS Movement aren’t spreading the truth about Israel and the state of the Arab citizens and how they live is not doing anything for the peace process. Putting people all over the world against a small democratic country, a country surrounded by enemies is thriving economically, culturally and in many other areas. This would make people strongly one sided, for a peace process to work everyone needs to be open minded about both sides.

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