The Lebanese refugee who is defending Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Defending Israel in today’s world is no easy task. It is especially unique when that person is a Lebanese refugee. See why he supports Israel.

Defending Israel

This Lebanese refugee, Jonathan Elkhoury, decided that defending Israel is the moral thing to do. Israel took in Christian Lebanese refugees who were threatened by Hezbollah. He wants the world to know the truth about Israel. He wants everyone to know how Israel treats everyone with dignity, regardless of race or religion.

Israel has every reason to ignore the problems of others. They have enough of their own problems. After all, their very existence is threatened on a daily basis! But it is in the genes of the Jewish people to help others, to not turn a blind eye to the suffering people in the world.

Accepted to Israeli Society

Jonathan Elkhoury not only was helped by Israel, but he talks about how he was accepted to Israeli society. For all the progressives out there, they should be applauding Israel for this! But they are not. They are criticizing Israel. They are perpetuating lies against the Jewish state. Elkhoury wants to help spread Israel’s good name, and so he is sharing his story.

In a world that is so against the Jewish state, it takes a lot of courage to defend the Jewish state. It takes a brave person to stand up to the hate and swim against the tide. And Israel is thankful for people like Jonathan Elkhoury who are willing to speak out against the lies.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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