Imagine being afraid to leave your home – welcome to the Israeli side of the Gaza border

by Leah Rosenberg

For Israelis the sound of the siren is scary, a sound that no one wants to hear. It means our enemies are trying to shoot at us and a rocket could land close to you, so you need to get to a bomb shelter fast!

Israelis who have settles, built their homes and set up their lives in the southern part of Israel live in constant fear. When Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip in 2005, they hoped it would bring peace, that is what the world wanted. Israel to give up land to the Arabs in the hope there would be peace in the region. The Arabs however, felt differently, they don’t just want the Gaza Strip they want the Jews pushed back into the sea and to take over the land of Israel. The majority of the Arabs are not peaceful and wish for to be rid of the Jews.

Many of the Jews who live in southern Israel, live in fear, their neighbors want them dead. They shoot rockets at them daily. Israel, however, has a siren that goes off when rockets are shooting into southern Israel. Those living close to the Gaza border have 15 seconds to run to a safe area. These sirens can go off daily, who never know where the rocket will land.

Young children, who go to nursery every time the siren goes off have to run to the bomb shelter, the teachers help them, as everyone only has 15 seconds to get inside. It is a scary way to live, children should be outside playing in the sun, going down the slide, the swings, coloring, riding their bikes. No child should live in fear of that sound of the siren when they have to run to a safe place.

Even when the siren is not going off but a door slams shut, a truck is going by, music is being played, to those residents of the south it might all sound like that dreaded sign. They stop and freeze in panic, where is the nearest bomb shelter? where can i run to? where is safe? They do not know where the rocket will land, for all they know it could be next to them.

No one should have to live in fear, children should be able to play freely outside. People should be able to go to work not having to worry where the nearest bomb shelter is on the way to work in case the siren goes off. No one should have to walk the longer way to the supermarket because that route has more bomb shelters then the short route. This is a terrible way to live and no human should live like this. No matter what religion or race they are from.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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