The Scary Truth about The New Zealand Christchurch Massacre and the Response

by Avi Abelow

British journalist Melanie Phillips gives the most truthful analysis about the New Zealand Christchurch massacre and the response. Due to a tweet of hers in response to the massacre, the twitterverse went crazy beserk, with many even blaming her for the massacre!

This interview I had with Melanie Phillips on this issue is a MUST SEE!

The Tweet that Started it All

Melanie Phillips is an outspoken critic of the liberal appeasement to the radical intolerance, violence and terror that exists in Islam. She is quite clear that not all Muslims are the problem, rather that the problem exists in Islam. Due to this position of hers, many people of liberal bent could not bare to see Melanie call out the evil of the incident in Christchurch, even going so far as to blame her for the incident!

Here is how Phillips responded to such tweets:

Right-Wing Racist?

The irony of this massacre is that the media is painting the murderer to be a right wing racist. But is he? In his own manifesto he says that he is an eco-fascist? Environmentalists are not right-wing racists, they are left wing.

This murderer also admits that he is copying the strategy of another mass murderer from 2011, a man named Breivik, who admitted in Court that he committed the murder in order to smear moderate conservatives, which is exactly what the media did then, and what the media is doing today in response to the New Zealand attack.

The Full Story

Make no mistake, all terror attacks are awful and must be condemned. However, people must listen to what Melanie Phillips is saying to understand the full story. The media wants us to believe that this is all a danger of right-wing extremists, to then shut down conservative voices. Yet, it seems that is not the case at all.

At the same time, did you know that thousands of Christians have been massacred recently by Muslims in Nigeria? 120 Christians were just massacred the past few days. No, nobody has heard about this because the media is not talking about it. That should be headline news as well. People must wake up and ask the necessary question why there is only an outcry when Muslims are killed by non-Muslims, but no outcry when Jews, Christians and Muslims are killed by Muslims!

Phillips Bares the Truth about Islamaphobia

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