Take a tour inside the ancient city off the Mediterranean – Akko

by Leah Rosenberg

Akko, a city just off the Mediterranean, a fabulous city filled with history and gorgeous views. A friendly place with many different types of people and great hummus.

Akko dates back to the bronze age, through to the Crusader period where they settled and used it as a port. Then, later came the Mamluk period, until 1517, followed by the Ottoman period. Then came the Palestine Mandate, which was under British rule. Followed by the deceleration of the Jewish State in 1948.

After the State of Israel captured the city of Akko on 17th May 1948, the population was mainly Arabs. Today the population of the city is around 50,000 people, largely residents of other faiths. During the 1950s many new neighborhoods were established largely Jews from Morocco.

There are plenty of tourists attractions and things to do in Akko. The walls of the Old City of Akko, that were built in the 18th Century. You can walk along on the wall and see the beautiful sites of the city. The Citadel, another gorgeous building in Akko, filled with history, used as a prison during the British Mandate. It is now a museum to commemorate the Jewish Fighters who lost their lives in the prison.
The Crusader City historic site comprises a fascinating series of gothic vaulted halls, which were once headquarters for the Crusader armies. The Knights Hall and the Dining Hall here are grand examples of the soaring and inspired Crusader style of architecture. There is also a series of narrow subterranean tunnels to explore once you’ve finished visiting the halls (definitely not recommended for claustrophobics), which lead down to a crypt.

The Old Town Market Place, (the shuk) in the center of the Old City. It is a vibrant place to be, filled with places to eat, buy souvenirs, filled with fresh produce, the wonderful smell of spices and shopping. Walking through is an experience even if you don’t buy anything.

Akko is a vibrant city filled with rich history for that historian in us. Definitely worth the visit to Israel just to see what this City has in store.

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