Katie Hopkins interviews Israeli mayor living on the front lines of terror

by Leah Rosenberg

Katie Hopkins is a media personality, columnist and a business interviews Alon Davidi, the mayor of Sderot. A city in southern Israel, less than 1km from the Gaza border and under constant terror from Hamas. Where Israeli lives are on the line every second of every day.

Sderot is a city that is about 1km from the Gaza border. Gaza, the strip that Israel evacuated from in 2005 now run by Hamas, a terrorist organization that does not recognize the right for Israel existence. Threatening Israel daily by sending rockets, incendiary balloons and kites and much more all to harm us.

The Mayor of Sderot explained to Katie Hopkins, how because they are so close to the border of Gaza they only have 15 seconds from when the siren goes off to get to a bomb shelter, even in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Parents need to wake up children, nurses need to help the elderly, those who are unwell. You have 15 seconds to run!

Sderot is a beautiful city, with around 600 families living there. Even has its own train station! It was founded in 1951, with many immigrants from Iran, in the 1990s it absorbed another large wave of immigrants from the Soviet Union and in 1996 was declared a city.

On December 12th, 2007, more than 20 rockets fell in one day!! That is over 20 times you need to run to the bomb shelter for safety. From June 2007 to February 2008 771 rockets and 857 mortar bombs were said to have fallen, that is an average of 3/4 each day!! Many residents have said to suffer from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sderot is a city where one can learn a lot about Israeli life and see how Israelis live. Evacuating the Gaza strip in 2005 was supposed to bring peace and security to the area but instead, Sderot and the surrounding communities became the site of daily rocket attacks. The city may not have the usual tourist attractions of other cities but here you can learn about the day to day life, Israelis living in under fire.

Many people live here for idealistic reasons and although may be frightened will not move away from the area that they built up. The land of Israel was once a desert, Sderot, along with many other areas in the south have been built up and are now flourishing. Sderot is one of these cities and the residents of the city will not move, and will not let Hamas win by evacuating the area. The residents will stay and continue to flourish and build the area.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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