Brave woman pleading with Americans to listen: “I’m a victim of Sharia Law”

by Leah Rosenberg

Two brave women interrupted a press conference that was held in support of Ilhan Omar. One is a victim of Sharia Law. They want Americans to know the truth.

Victim of Sharia Law

A victim of Sharia Law knows the dangers of the brutal system. In this video, you hear two women screaming out to Americans to listen to the truth. One of them is herself a victim of Sharia Law. Neither are against Muslims. They just want to stop Ilhan Omar from influencing Americans. They want to show the world what her true intentions are. The future will be a dangerous place if people do not heed the warning.

There is a reason these women are protesting at a press conference that supports Ilhan Omar. They are brave for swimming against the tide. Hopefully, others will realize what is really happening and follow them.

Playing the “Muslim Card”

The beginning of this video shows a man criticizing even the Democratic party for going after Ilhan Omar. But he plays the refugee card. He plays the Muslim card. But that is not why people condemn Omar. And to say it is the reason is just misleading. People disapprove of her because she is an anti-semite. People disapprove of her because she goes against American values. We have to share the truth because too many are believing the lies!

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