This is what real border control looks like

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel will do anything to defend itself. Hamas terrorists infiltrating the border? Absolutely not! Don’t even think about it. Border Control at its best.

Border Control

One of the hottest topics – border control. At the end of the day, a country needs to do everything in its power to protect its people. It is not okay for a country to be lax about terrorists entering the country.

This video is from 2014, but it really could have been from today also, being that Hamas terrorists are constantly trying to murder Israelis. And just like in this video, Israel neutralizes these terrorists if they pose a direct threat to the safety of the people of Israel.

But The World Blames Israel…

Even when it comes to defending itself against terrorists, the world still calls Israel the oppressor and aggressor. Why is that logical? What country WOULDN’T defend its citizens against those who try to kill them? What country would choose to let protestors in whose real goal is to murder? The truth is so clear. But people are choosing to ignore it. Israel is not targeting innocent people. The other side is. Hamas breaks ceasefires. Hamas destroys. They are a terrorist organization. There is a clear right and wrong: The democratic, free country Israel is right, and the terrorist organization is wrong.

The world blames Israel. But Israel will still defend itself. Allowing terrorists to infiltrate the country is just not an option. Would you want it to be an option for your country?

New Israeli Prime Minister
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