Former Canadian PM shames those who don’t support Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

After watching this, you’ll never again question why you should support Israel. Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper could not have said it any better.

Pro-Israel Former Canadian PM

Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper is a good friend to Israel. He supports Israel not only because it is the right thing to do, but honestly, it is really the only rational thing to do. The reasons he brings in this video are so obvious that he ends the video with, “Why do I support Israel? Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t anyone?”


The only reason someone wouldn’t support Israel is because of antisemitism. There is absolutely no other reason that a person would choose to support terrorism over democracy, celebrating death over life, building over destroying, and so much more. Israel represents all that is good in the Middle East. And if anyone chooses to ignore that, it is just plain antisemitic. There is no excuse to praise and support the terrorists who try to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. At least Stephen Harper gets that.

The Facts and History

The world is trying to change the facts and distort history. But you can’t change the truth. Ultimately, the lies will be crushed and the truth will prevail. It may not be tomorrow, but that won’t stop Israel from continuing to spread light to the entire world. Despite the international backlash against Israel for absolutely nothing, the Jewish state will continue to stand tall and strong. And the lies about Israel won’t change that.


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