Hamas’ “peaceful” ceasefire looks like THIS!

by Leah Rosenberg

So, is this what a ceasefire is supposed to look like? Not in our world. But Hamas does not want peace. Can it be ANY more clear?

What Ceasefire?

The definition of a ceasefire, according to google: (1) A temporary suspension of fighting, typically one during which peace talks take place; a truce. (2) An order or signal to stop fighting. Synonyms: Armistice, truce, peace, suspension of hostilities.

Let’s take a look. A truce? Well, that hasn’t happened. Hamas is a terrorist organization and wants to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish state. So no, a truce has not taken place. Suspension of hostilities? Take a look at this video. Does this look like a “suspension of hostilities?” I think the proper description would be a continuation of hostilities. There is no such thing as a ceasefire with a terrorist organization. It seems more like a ceaseless fire.

Terror Balloons and ‘Nakba Day’

This is just an example of some of the damage that one of these balloons can do. They destroy. But that is Hamas’ goal – to destroy. People, land, animals – they won’t stop at anything.

Hamas sent these balloons over to protest on ‘Nakba Day.’ They claim that the day Israel because a state was a catastrophe. The Palestinian Arabs claim that a great tragedy occurred for their people at the hand of the Jews. But actually, the Arabs launched an attack on the Jews. The Arabs left their homes – the Israelis did NOT kick them out. The Palestinian Arab leadership told them to leave their homes. And Jews were expelled from Arabs land – not vice versa! Those are just a few facts you should know before blaming the Jews for ANY tragedy – whatever catastrophe happened was because of the Palestinian Arabs themselves and their own leadership.

Arab Incitement
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