Palestinian Legal Council gets destroyed by Fox News

by Phil Schneider

Israel launched an attack as a response to hundreds of rockets that Hamas bombed Israel with. Fox News heard the line “blaming the victims,” and did not hold back. Only Arab “victims” in Israel can blame Israel for attacking Hamas in the Gaza Strip following a missile attack of hundreds of missiles at southern Israel.

But, the knee-jerk reaction has become predictable from Arab leaders in Israel. Would any sovereign country allow hundreds of missiles to be fired into their country and not respond? This is one of the most ridiculous defenses by an Arab activist lawyer that any reasonable person should simply laugh at.

Objective News Reporting

Many lament the loss of objectivity in news reporting in the last few decades. I agree. There is a place for opinions and non-objective segments within news channels. But the bulk of the news reporting should actually be largely objective. The problem is when the news contributors are chosen based on their opinions, and they become an integral part of the news. In the old days, news reporters would not be chosen for their opinions, but for their ability to transmit the messages. CBS, ABC, and NBC did indeed have differences in their styles of reporting. But they all predominantly focused on who could report the news best – not on their political angles.

In today’s climate, one generally knows what each station’s line will be on most issues before they report it. Objective news reporting is now just a small fraction of reporting the news. It would be great if the clock were turned back on this one.

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