What lies beneath the walls of the City of David

by Chaya Cikk

The City of David is unbelievable place with an amazing amount of history. The archaeological findings that have been found beneath the walls of the City date back to the times of the Bible.

City of David

This city of David is located in East Jerusalem, next to the Arab neighborhood of Silwan. It is a place that is not to be missed when visiting Israel, a place that is rich in history. First, to find artifacts that date back to King David, over 2000 years ago, how cool is that? Second, walking through the walls of the city makes you feel like you are walking in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Excavations of the City of David started in the 1900s and archaeologists have been digging ever since. The site includes several water tunnels and several pools. One of these tunnels is called the Hezkiyahu Tunnels. Even today, the tunnel is filled with water for you to walk through. One of the pools is called the Silwan Pool, built to give the city water supply in case of siege.

Archaeologists have sifted through huge amounts of dirt. As a result, they have found amazing artifacts dating back to many centuries ago. Pieces of pottery have been found dating back centuries. Seals have been found with writing on them. There are names, names that we know from the Bible.
Walls to the city have been found, walls to houses, mosaic floors, paths leading from the city possibly leading to Temple Mount.

In contrast to other places around Israel, the City of David oozes with history and archaeological findings. Almost all of these findings date back to the times of the Bible.

Above all, the City of David is truly an amazing experience, well worth the visit on your next trip to Israel. While it is a great tourist site, the reason to go is to relive history, walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.

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