This IDF officer gave a speech about the Jewish people that everyone needs to hear

by Phil Schneider

This powerful speech by an IDF officer begins 44 years before his birth. It begins in Poland, in German-occupied Poland – in the heart of Auschwitz. His grandmother, from Hungary was transported to the largest death factory in the history of the world. She was separated from her family and sent to work by Mengele. Most of her family was sent immediately to gas chambers – within less than an hour after their arrival in Auschwitz. She was lucky, and was sent to forced hard labor and slavery.

The Real Reason for the Israel Defense Forces

The Holocaust stories are not the reason why it is so important to have a State of Israel. Anti-Semitism existed for centuries beforehand and continues to this very day. However, the necessity for an Israeli Army is actually a return to normalcy of the Jewish people. Every normal country has a land, an army, courts, and a police force. For two millennia, Israel had none of these. The only way for a Jew to fight was with a passport – often a forged one. No matter how much blessing the Jewish people brought to their host nations, at some point or another, the Jewish people would be driven out. Sometimes it would take a few hundred years. But the common denominator was always the end. It was just a question of when.

Today, the youth of Israel stand proudly and defend the entire Jewish people around the world. However, they do so much more than that. They also rescue more genuine refugees from Syrian atrocities than any other humanitarian organization in the whole world. This is a testament both to the humaneness of the Israel Defense Forces and the pride of Israel’s younger generation.

Martin Sherman - Bennett
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