Palestinian Arab women say shocking things about why they want to blow up Jews

by Phil Schneider

Why do so many Middle Eastern Arab women and children hate Jews? Because they were educated to. Where did they receive their education? In two places – in the home and in the schools. And if they dropped out of the schools – then on the streets.

It really is that simple. What is not simple is how to change this. Well, first watch their faces and then a solution will be proposed.

A Solution to the Textbook Problem

The homes cannot be changed easily. But the textbooks can be changed. Here’s how – a lot of financial incentives.

Israel does not run the education of it’s Arab populations. It basically funds the teachers and other staff members based on the number of students. But, it does not get involved with the content that is taught in Arab schools. This must change! Israel needs to NOT focus on any peace agreements that will be top-down solutions. They need to focus on bottom-up solutions where innovators within the Arab educational bureaucracy are properly funded in order to gradually change the radical anti-Israel agenda of the existing Arab textbooks.

This is a tricky plan. Israel should not expect to see results overnight. It will probably take around 2 generations till Israel will see fundamental changes. The first goal should NOT be to change Arab textbooks to be pro-Israel. It should be to get Arab textbooks to not be violently anti-Israel – just non-radically anti-Israel. At this stage, it’s OK if Arabs think that the Land is Arab land. It is not OK if they are willing to die for it.

This may not be such a practical plan, but it may be the best idea that has been presented on the matter.

Arab Incitement
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