They tried to silence Brigitte Gabriel – THIS is her response

by Leah Rosenberg

Do not try to silence Brigitte Gabriel, a proud defender of the truth. It will not work. She will not be silenced. Listen to her powerful message.

The Bias

Can you believe this has been going on for so many years? Of course, not everyone who associates themselves as a Democrat would agree with the way many on The Left deal with Conservatives and the truth. But the fact is, when such big names and newspapers like The New York Times are being biased and pushing their own political agenda, it becomes the overarching sentiment. And it is completely wrong. It is anti-American. But, people do not seem to care anymore about standing up for America and her values.

Brigitte Gabriel Won’t be Silenced

Brigitte Gabriel will not allow anyone to silence the truth. People need to know the truth. It is humorous, as Gabriel points out, that the Left makes statements like saying Brigitte Gabriel is a white supremacist when in fact she is not even white. Those are the types of blatant lies that come from the Left.

And Gabriel brings attention to something important. She said, “Isn’t it a shame that we got to the point in our country where because they cannot argue with your facts they just throw labels at you?” Then those labels also lose their meaning. Being a real racist no longer holds as heavy of a label as it used to hold. So as Brigitte said, do not be silenced. Do not let those who try to cover up the truth silence you!

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