A closeup view of how the Muslims act on the Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

Take a look at Muslims on the Temple Mount. If it was really a holy site to them, why would they act this way? Wouldn’t they just peacefully pray?

Muslims on the Temple Mount

Is this what the world really wants? Muslims on the Temple Mount controlling things? Take a look at what that causes. Riots. Violence. Injuries. When Muslims control the Temple Mount, they do not allow freedom of religion and prayer. And the Israeli police are forced to comply with that. To the point that when a kid dropped his phone and picked it up, the Waqf on the Temple Mount claimed the child was prostrating himself, and the police detained and questioned him. The world claims the Jews discriminate against the Muslims, but this is one example that proves the opposite is true!

Jewish Connection

The Jewish nation has an age-old connection to the Temple Mount. And the Muslims? Not exactly. They built the Dome of the Rock ON TOP of the Foundation Stone. The place that housed the holy Jewish Temple is UNDER the Dome of the Rock. Does that give you a clue as to which came first? Some try to claim that the Jews have no connection to Jerusalem, but the fact that the Dome was built OVER the Foundation Stone shows the truth. And even though the Muslims claim to feel connected to the Temple Mount, and they claim it is holy for them too, they act otherwise. Playing soccer. Praying with their backs toward the Temple Mount. Rioting! Lots and lots of rioting and disrespecting such a holy site.

Why do people listen to the Muslims and their lies? Are they scared of the Muslims? Are they antisemitic? Ignorant? Do they just not like history? There are so many questions as to why the world is so blind to the truth.


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