Look at what this 104-year-old Holocaust survivor did to defeat Hitler

by Chaya Cikk

This is absolutely incredible! What this Holocaust survivor did to defeat Hitler. I am truly lost for words. Happy Birthday to this 104-year-old lady!

Over the course of the Holocaust, over six million Jews were murdered. Even when Hitler saw the end of the War coming, he persisted decided to continue and kill as many Jews as he could. He also destroyed many documents of his plans. Eventually, he took his own life in April 1945, about four months before World War Two was over.


Although many souls were lost during the Holocaust, there were many thousands of survivors. Just one of these special souls that survived is named Shoshana Ovitz. Her husband is also a Holocaust survivor, named Dov. They married after the war ended. Shoshana recently celebrated her 104th birthday. How did she celebrate? Her entire family gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. How many people were there? Well, over 400 descendants! How amazing is that?

This is a slap in the face of Hitler. He wanted nothing more than to destroy the Jews and wipe us out. Here, just over 70 years later is this incredible woman with all her family. The Jews today are thriving now more than ever.

Furthermore, this all took place in Jerusalem at the Western Wall. The holiest place for the Jewish People, where the Temple once stood. This video happened in Israel, the Jewish State! The Jews are now flourishing now more than ever.

Consequently, if this is the offspring from just one survivor. Imagine the offspring that has come from other survivors. Hitler tried to wipe us out and he failed. Finally, we wish Shoshana Ovitz a very happy birthday! May she only have enjoyment from all of your wonderful family. May your family continue to grow and share in celebrations.

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