Jews are leaving the Democrat party!

by Phil Schneider

Is it a good phenomenon that Jews are leaving the Democratic party? Well, of course many Republicans will say that it’s a thrilling change. But, in truth, it is a sad reality that the Democratic party has gone so far over the edge that it is no longer stylish to be pro-Israel anymore in the Democratic party. Moreso, it is now the norm to be hostile to the State of Israel. Why? Because the normal progressive line of so many in the Democratic party is that Israel is the source of the problems in the Middle East. There is no solid basis for this. It is actually the exact opposite of the truth.

The Good Old Liberal Democratic Party and the Jewish People

When the Democratic party of the United States was dominated by people like John F. Kennedy and Harry S. Truman, there were many reasons for anyone, including pro-Israel supporters to join the party. President Truman was arguably the most pro-Israel President in the history of the modern State of Israel. He even helped found it via his support at critical junctures in the early stages of the State of Israel. John F. Kennedy was also friendly with the State of Israel but was never truly tested during his short stint in the Presidency. But even Bill Clinton was rather friendly with the State of Israel despite some disagreements. But ever since the Obama administration and the emergence of the progressive left as the dominant wing in the party, the attitudes towards the State of Israel of far too many people in the Democratic party has been downright hostile.

For some people, it is probably best to stay as Democrats and try to fight for the soul of the party, for the preservation of liberal values over progressive values. But for others, it is just too much already and they should simply jump ship. The Republican party has it’s issues too, but it’s policies on the State of Israel are largely dominated by pro-Israel forces from many angles.

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