Palestinian Arab leaders reject the truth – THIS is what the US has to say

by Leah Rosenberg

Once again the Palestinian Arab leaders have tried to reject Jewish history and the Jewish connection to Israel. But this US administration won’t allow it!

The United States Supports of Israel

Under this US administration, Israel has felt the support of its closest ally. Despite international pressure as well as pressure from the Palestinian Arab leadership, the US has stuck to the truth. They have defended history and the Jewish people time and time again, proving that they are not ignorant.

And affirming the important of one of the latest discoveries shows again how strong the US-Israel relationship is right now.

Palestinian Arab leaders & Truth

Uncovering this road that the Pilgrims took thousands of years ago from the Shiloah pool to ascend to the Second Temple was an unbelievable discovery, as are many discoveries in the City of David. It confirms what many of us already know is true: The Jewish people have been living in Jerusalem continuously for thousands of years! And they most definitely left their mark! What are the Palestinian Arabs even trying to deny? It is an objective truth. It is not an opinion. Facts are objective, and the Palestinian Arab leaders are trying to make facts and history a choice.

Jason Greenblatt made a point that the whole world needs to hear. The world loves to focus on the Middle East and how peace will come. They blame Israel. But as Greenblatt said, “You cannot possibly build peace without a foundation of truth.” The Palestinian Arab leadership is constantly denying the truth. So how can there be peace?

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