Pastor in Florida calls for murder of Jewish comedian

by Leah Rosenberg

What this pastor said about Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman is horrific. What kind of religious leader can say such terrible things?

Sarah Silverman

Pastor Adam Fannin gave a speech about Jewish Comedian Sarah Silverman that should appall anyone and everyone. It is so antisemitic that it is hard to listen to. He calls for her violent death. He hopes God kills her.

But Silverman claims the comedy routine he is referring to in his speech was taken out of context. She also said that she has changed as a comedian and would not necessarily support all the skits she had previously done. Regardless of if Silverman was wrong or right in her comedy act, it does not warrant death wishes from a pastor.

We are not fans of Sarah Silverman, her politics or much of her comedic work. However, she does not deserve death threats. No Jew, nobody deserves death threats.

Is Antisemitism Now the Norm?

When you hear speeches like this, it makes you wonder if antisemitism has become the norm. This pastor should be preaching some religious topic and trying to inspire people, yet he did the complete opposite. Does he believe that what he says is what God wants? Does he truly believe that calling for the murder of a Jew is what God has commanded of him? He should most definitely not be a pastor.

But the problem is, this is not an isolated case. Antisemitism has been rampant throughout the world. Will there be enough people who care to stop this?

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