The most ironic thing about the ancient city of Hebron and “apartheid”

by Leah Rosenberg

The city of Hebron is one of the most ancient cities in Israel. Jews have a connection that dates back thousands of years. So, what’s this apartheid talk?

The city of Hebron

There are organizations that specifically try to say there is apartheid going on in the city of Hebron. But if you want to know the truth, this video says it all. Apartheid? The Jewish people only have control of 3% of this ancient city right now. That means 97% belongs to the Arabs. Apartheid? Think again. The Arabs do not allow Jews into their part. But of course, the Arabs are allowed into Jewish sections. Apartheid? What about the massive and modern mall in the ARAB section. What about the fact that the Jewish people have had a connection to Hebron for thousands of years? And what about the lies that these so-called “Human Rights Organizations” claim about Hebron and the Jews? Spoiler alert: THERE IS NO APARTHEID BEING PRACTICED BY JEWS.

The Story of the Ancient City

As Yishai Fleisher says in this video, “So yeah, there is a giant story here in Hebron.” But it is not the story that the media tries to tell you. It is the story of the Jewish people. It is the story of the connection to Hebron that dates back to our forefathers and foremothers. What the media tells the world is false. There is no apartheid. The Arabs live freely. They are wealthy. They have restaurants and stores. So let’s stop spreading lies, and let’s start sharing the truth about Hebron!

Motivation for Terror
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