Anti-Israel activist tried to spread lies in Hebron – then THIS happened!

by Avi Abelow

Issa Amro is a Palestinian Arab and an anti-Israel activist. It is his goal to spread lies about the Jewish state. But watch what happens in this video!

Jews Dance, Anti-Israel Activist Lies

International Spokesman for Hebron Yishai Fleisher tweeted: “MUST SEE VID of the time when anti-Israel activist @Issaamro kept yapping about “APARTHEID” in HEBRON but was surrounded by @Chabad (Jewish) students dancing in the JOY.”

Issa Amro tried to make up an entire narrative about the Jews in Hebron. Every word he said was a lie. And the Jewish people have had enough of it! So what did they do in response to his anti-Israel messages? They danced! That basically just proved Amro was lying by saying the Jews are violent…

Jews are Not a Violent People

Despite what this anti-Israel activist tried to say, the Jewish people are not a violent people. They do not harass the Palestinian Arabs in Hebron. Actually, it is the opposite. The Palestinian Arabs are often seen harassing the Israeli soldiers and the Jews. They are the ones who try to murder the Jews! But of course, Issa will not tell you that. That would ruin his propaganda video!

So, there you have it. Anti-Israel activists are constantly trying to spread lies. But the Jewish nation keeps on dancing!

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