MILO thrashes heckling Muslim women with the cold hard truth

by Phil Schneider

Do you enjoy watching a person who thrives on being politically uncorrect and annoying at the same time? If so, then watch Milo. His aim is to annoy. He is the worst nightmare of the progressive left. He is a homosexual who speaks about how the Muslim culture treats homosexual people. That spells trouble for anyone who tries to defend the Muslim faith.


Is it true that there are masses of people who are scared of the religion of Islam? Milo mocks those who heckle him with tough lines like, “Would you like to speak about why there is no global Islamic peace movement?” Milo is a rare mix of an inciting entertainer and an intellectual publicist.

The truth is that masses of people do indeed fear the radical aspects of Islam – and for good reason. There are masses of people who observe Islam in the West who are NOT a fifth column, but are upstanding citizens. There are massive numbers of Muslims who do not pose a danger to their host countries and will contribute like any other group from any other religion. The difference is the violent minority within the Islamic faith that wishes to impose Shariah Law and not the law of the land where they live. The problem is the people who’s goal is to have sanctuary cities where they can have freedom of religion, but no other religion can have freedom of religion in that area. Those are the people that should and do indeed scare masses of people. Milo says it straight out. He’s not very likeable when he speaks, but his logic is rather solid.

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