Family Hit by Terror a Third Time

by Avi Abelow

19-year-old Dvir Sorek was murdered this morning in a terror attack in the Judean Hills.

Thousands came out tonight to say a final goodbye at his funeral tonight.

Family Hit by Terror

Dvir’s grandfather was murdered close to 19 years ago by armed Muslim Arabs while on a hike overlooking Joseph’s Tomb. Dvir was just two months old at the time of his grandfather’s murder. His grandfather was a participant in a hike with other families. Even though the hike was approved by the IDF and coordinated with the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority security forces began shooting at the families on the hike. Four people on the hike were injured and Dvir’s grandfather was killed.

Dvir’s great-uncle was also murdered in a stabbing terror attack back in 1993 in his greenhouse in Gaza. Shaya Deutsch was a very successful Jewish farmer with Gaza who employed many local Gaza Arabs. His workers called into his greenhouse, where they then brutally attacked him and killed him.

IDF Searching for Dvir’s Murderers

From the latest investigation, Dvir’s Muslim Arab murderers approached him from behind in their car as Dvir was walking and hit him from behind. They then ran out of the car and stabbed him to death and drove off. The IDF found the tire marks where the car turned around and they have been searching all day for the terrorists.

Street Vigils/Protests in Memory of Dvir Sorek HY”D

This was another heinous barbaric act of terror by an Arab Muslim who lives in the sick and genocidal culture called “palestine”. 

Their terror will not stop us! We will continue walking, riding and biking on these roads!

We will continue building more and more Jewish homes in Judea & Samaria!

Just 70+ years ago the Arab mob and the Jordanian legion (led by British officers) massacred the Jews of Kfar Etzion and took the rest of the Jewish fighters of Gush Etzion as prisoners of war. Our Jewish communities here were destroyed. We were expelled from this area 71 years ago and today over 100,000 Jews live in this area!!! We are back, growing stronger everyday.

Our evil enemies will not stop us!!!

The News Report on all Three Family Members (in Hebrew)

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