IDF Soldier Stops a Stabbing Attack in Hebron

by Avi Abelow

A terrorist with a knife tried to stab innocent Israelis as Shabbat was about to begin in the ancient Jewish city of Hebron. Thankfully, the quick reaction of an Israeli citizen together with the response of an IDF soldier nearby stopped the terrorist.

Video from the incident shows the terrorist armed with a knife threatening an Israeli civilian.  As a response, IDF soldiers pointed their guns at him and called upon him to drop the knife.

An armed Israeli civilian shot at the terrorist first stopping him. Only wounded, the terrorist then tried to attack the soldiers.  Only then, in response, an IDF soldier shot him and stopped him in his tracks. Then an ambulance evacuated the terrorist to the hospital in moderate condition.

IDF Statement

“A terrorist tried to stab soldiers in a military post near Givat Avot.  In response, IDF soldiers and a civilian who was present at the spot fired at him and neutralized the terrorist. The terrorist was wounded by the gunfire and was evacuated by IDF forces to receive medical treatment,” said the IDF in a statement.


We continue to see terror attacks by the local Arab Muslim population across Judea and Samaria. Why not, when the Palestinian Authority rewards them with financial payments for themselves and for their families.


For some good news, Shira Ish-Ran, the 21-year-old Israeli woman who survived a terror attack last month, was just released from the hospital for rehabilitation.

Shira and her husband were both wounded in the drive-by terrorist shooting attack outside of Ofra in December. But her baby, delivered via an emergency c-section at 30 weeks so doctors could save her life, died 3 days later.


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