Raw footage: Couple whose baby died after Ofra terror attack released from hospital

by Leah Rosenberg

Amichai and Shira Ish-Ran were seirously injured in a terror attack outside the Israeli town of Ofra. Shira was 7 months pregnant.

Their baby had to be delivered early, but tragically, did not survive much longer. This is the miraculous story of Shira and Amichai who survived and chose life. Despite their sadness, they remain positive.

Ofra Terror Attack

In Early December, “Palestinian” terrorists shot at a bus stop outside the city of Ofra. The bus stop was filled with people. Among the multiple injuries was a young couple, Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran. Shira was 7 months pregnant with their first child.

On that day, their lives were forever changed. Shira and Amichai were both injured, and their baby had to be delivered early. But the baby did not survive after a short time in this world.

Miraculous Recovery

Despite the critical injuries, just one month later, Shira and Amichai were released from the hospital. This raw footage of their release is emotional. Their progress has been truly remarkable and miraculous, and they have acknowledged that as well. The whole nation of Israel has been praying for them. Their resilience and positivity is inspiring.

Upon being released, Shira told the nation their prayers have helped and asked them to continue praying as they still have a long road ahead to recovery. She thanked the Jewish people and the staff at the hospital. And of course, Shira thanked God. She said, “It’s a miracle. We are a walking miracle. I arrived at the hospital lying down and left walking.” That is one of the most inspiring messages for the entire world to hear.


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