Students shocked as Israeli professor curses student for wearing IDF uniform

by Leah Rosenberg

In Israel, the left wing and right wing agree that the Israeli Army is of paramount importance.  But one Israeli professor thought otherwise.  It is shocking to anybody in Israel that an Israeli Army uniform could evoke such a powerful response.

Crazy Professors

In general, when we think about crazy professors with radical opinions, we think about colleges in America.  But, in Israel, there are a few nut-job professors too.  It’s hard to believe that in Israel a young Israeli female soldier was actually cursed by her professor since she wore a uniform into school.

In Israel, it is very common to see young men and women walking around in uniforms throughout the day.  They are not only located in remote army bases from cities.  They are everywhere.  So, there is nothing out of the ordinary when tens of young men and women in uniform walk around a college campus.  There are young men and women who are soldiers by day and take courses at night.  There are soldiers in technological units who are also taking continuing education classes while serving the country.

Self-Hating Ideologies

So, the outburst in Israel by a professor is nothing but evidence of a self-hating ideology that is held by some radicals in academia.

From where do these opinions come from?  It seems that some people – for whatever reason – walk around with alot of guilt.  When they let their feelings take over instead of their minds, it is easy to lose one’s sense of clarity.  The State of Israel is a wonderful miracle, and the Israel Defense Forces is a major aspect of that miracle.  If one has issues with some actions of the IDF, that is reasonable.  If one loses focus to the point that they curse the IDF uniform, then they have clearly lost all sense of connection to reality.



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