What happened on the Temple Mount is OUTRAGEOUS!

by Avi Abelow

Sadly, the Jewish people do not control their holiest site, the Temple Mount. The Muslims do. And that is why things like THIS happen!

The Jew’s Holiest Site

The Jewish nation’s holiest site is the Temple Mount. It is where the first two Temples stood and where the Third one will stand again, hopefully very soon. Today, the Jewish people do not control what happens on the Temple Mount. And it is a true tragedy. Because then things like this happen.

The Waqf on the Temple Mount accused this child (that’s really what he is) of prostrating himself at his holy site, so Israeli police had to detain and question him. It turns out that he dropped his phone and was just picking it up. But never mind the truth anyway, right? The world does not care about the truth.

The REAL Discrimination

Well, now you have another example of the real discrimination that takes place on the Temple Mount. It is not the Jews discriminating against the Muslims, but rather the Muslims do not allow Jews to pray. So if they do or say anything that resembles prayer, they are stopped by either Muslims or the Israeli police. It is sad, but nowadays, the Israeli police stop their own people from praying on the Temple Mount because it is considered illegal. What happened to freedom of religion? The Muslims have taken that away from the Jewish people at the Jew’s holiest site. You see, it is NOT the Jews who mistreat the Arabs or take away any of their freedoms. It is the ARABS who mistreat the Jews. That is the truth.

But again, the world does not care about the truth.

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